Rachel + Bobby

Sweethearts Rachel + Bobby met in highschool. They really, really did. Although Bobby didn't officially ask Rachel out until after they had graduated. These two have a 6 year history together! They seem like the kind of couple that everyone knew would get married, everyones just been WAITING for it to happen! The time is here!! The love and sweetness, cuddles and hugs that oozed out of every minute of our time together left me feeling so excited for them and their future together. Six years strong and I'll let the photos speak for themselves. These two are simply so comfortable in their love together. We were threatened with thundershowers and lighting cracking overhead, these two didn't flinch. They just snuggled up a little closer. sigh! (seriously first series of photos = lighting bolts in the sky, literally). But then the clouds broke and the sunshine poured down on us! hurray!! It was a joy to photograph you both as your spend your last couple months as "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". Cannot wait for your summertime wedding!



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