M and me: wild asparagus hunt

Yes wild asparagus hunt. Almost sounds dangerous. Right? but its not. Asparagus grows wild in certain areas surrounding Osoyoos, its something we heard through the local chatter. What an odd novelty to have in our own backyard. M being the avid hiker, hunter that he is found it. No sweat. I remember the first time he came home with it a few years back he had totally hit the vegetable jackpot. His laughter was infectious as he brought out one bag, two bags, three bags...He picked so much asparagus you needed both ARMS to carry it all. No way, you could not fit it in the sink. No way. This weekend we set out to check up on the top-secret patch and see how things were coming along. Picked a little bit to have with our Easter salmon fillet, fresh and so so tasty. It was smokin hot outside breaking tempertures above 20 degrees, we skipped Spring here in Osoyoos and cut straight to the good stuff. Bring on the tourists. Right? Anyways we tromped through the bush. Dodging cactus. I got a grass sliver and Malcolm pulled it out for me...with his teeth. Awe thats love baby, love baby. Thanks. I found a pheasant feather, or is that peasant? M "pheasant babe, ffffffeasant". Right got it. Pretty feather thoughI think I'll keep it. Note to self: barefeet and gumboots dont mix Note to reader: I realize it was +20 I wore the gumboots to ward off my tick phobia, they are gross. M lead the way for the most part until I thought I had found my own patch, "no sweets thats not Asparagus...careful, um that might be posion ivy". I drop the dead plant and burst into hysterics. eeeeps. Next time i'll leave the leading to M I guess and good thing too he can nav those trails like nobody's business.  He's my ace in my back pocket ; )

PS.  I ended up with a tick anyways, I found it at home 3 hrs post-departure from bush.  I screamed so loud I got in trouble from M.  Seems as though he thought "something was really wrong". umm something was REALLY WRONG!!  That pretty much wraps the start and finish to my hiking season folks, hanging up the hikers till October.




















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