34 things you didn't know about Leeeeza

Liza! Who is she?? Only the my ridiculously fabulous partner-in-crime and trusty second shooter. Liza and I tag team all element weddings together and we have a busy summer season ahead that we are really excited about. To date we are completely booked up from May till September, doubling the amount of weddings that we shot together last summer!! Hurray! A few months back I started compiling a list of things that reminded me of Liza. She knows about this secret list of mine and it drove her to hysterics everytime I brought it up on the sly.  Liza had a big birthday while I was away in Thailand, and then she left for Trinidad before I got back to celebrate with her! Since she is not one to toot her own horn I have taken on the liberty to do it for her! To welcome her home in style and surprise her with a gift, this post is all about HER! At the risk of being out-of-date as I recognize the facebook trend of "25 things about me" may be a little passe...I present to you Liza (and all our friends) 34 things about HER...

1. she cannot sleep with out her CONAIR sound machine

2. prefers to eat Kraft Dinner, only when someone else makes it. This goes for juice too.

3. all time favorite movies must include zombies or gore. Better yet, BOTH.

4. oddly enough is notoriously emotional during movies that the rest of us generally enjoy. (see #3)

5. generous

6. megadeath superfan

7. always sporting a pair of Converse Chucks

8. mena Liza, has enough Godchildren to outfit a soccer team

9. a talented photographer who has shot for Hearts at Carnival in Trinidad (twice!)

10. closet knitter.

11. cruises in her dad's vintage Omni for kicks. (or when the tempo is in the shop)

12. tea bags - she has a closet FULL. Horders would eat-this-up

13. loves Forbidden Fruit Wine

14. she makes the best chocolate treats but doesnt like sweets

15. visits her hockey loving Grandma (who's well into her 90's) on a weekly basis

16. late night powerwalks

17. lives for 80's movies and beats

18. she remembers the first day of MTV

19. Commodore 64

20. old men love Liza

21. reportedly forgets her toast in toaster in the am. aka. NOT a morning person

22. had an incident with a meat grinder involving her finger as a child.

23. scarves (often knitted see #10)

24. always wins the trance music dance off's in my living room during breaks from editing or when we wrap a wedding

25. photoshop WIZARD. she can do anything i swear

26. heart of GOLD

27. went through a bit of a grunge phase. hello hippy pants.

28. tears up behind the camera during nearly all wedding ceremonies we have shot together. this goes for heart-felt toasts and speeches too. oh Liza, there there.

29. OK PHOTO store. lifer.

30. secretly cuddles a pink snuggie while chilling and watching movies such as those in #3. no. big. deal.

31. dangly (yes dang-ly), flashly earrings. the bigger, the crazier, the better

32. do not phone Liza during the Amazing Race

33. Proudly Portuguese

34. rocks the best faux hawk loaf in town. hands down!


love ya Leez! welcome back!! xo