M and me: tie the knot.


M and me. On August 14 2010 we committed to loving each other, supporting each other, holding hands and laughing together for the rest of our lives. What a perfect day it was. Surrounded by  our closets friends and the people we love most we celebrated the start of a new life together. We were so lucky to be married on the property where we very first met in 2003. Bird's Eye Cove farm. The home of our very best friend Sara. The property has always been a special place for me since I was a wee little thing. At 10 yrs old I met Sara in Disney World, Florida. randomly at a conference our parents were attending. we were inseparable. Sara and I became penpals and we were darn good pen pals too! a year later my parents tossed me on a plane to spend a week with her family.  since Sara's parents were just as awesome as my parents they threw her on a plane the following summer to come check out my home on the Manitoba flat lands. This trend continued for years...and on one fateful trip to the island to celebrate Sara's Uni graduation I met Malcolm. And life as I know it was no longer the same. His positive energy and outlook on life was infectious, his genuine heart, love for people, his stories of island adventures, zest for the great outdoors, and an innate ability to fix everything, and hunt for anything (antlers, sunglasses, animals), that shopping isnt shopping its "gathering supplies", not to mention his darling dimples and that he cries every time he slices an onion open.

I am a lucky lady loo.

I was always the girl who didnt bat an eye at wedding planning, never thought about it and didnt really know where to start when it was finally my turn! Luckily I have some awesome girlfriends who got me started and there was no looking back. I LOVED PLANNING OUR WEDDING! Every bit of it. From pushing M around on 4 stories of scaffolding watching him string lanterns in the barn for 4+ hours, all the DIY projects I took on, down to finalizing the stationary and all the bits between!  I was (and still am) chronically addicted to a few fab wedding blogs that I share with many of my new brides and girlfriends. Our location was super inspiring and  motivated me to pay attention to the little things. The special touches. oh how i love them. The small details that Jamie Delaine, our photographer captured so perfectly.

Big news! This week our wedding finished in Jamies top 3 Best of: 2010 Weddings ! How cool is that?

Check out her link to read more about it and catch a sweet little summary of our wedding slideshow there, or HERE!

And because I literally literally cannot choose a favorite, I picked a smattering of random highlights from our big day to share!