Balogh Family

we are so lucky to live in such a scenic and beautiful province, British Columbia. I am fortunate enough to have lived in a few different provinces, each with their own features and oddities that sets them apart, but honestly BC tops the list. clear lakes, white capped mountains, oceans, islands, wildlife galore and crisp clean air.  The Sunday afternoon I spent with the Baloghs reminded me of why I enjoy this part of the country so so much! We were teased by rainshowers in our valley but hop one over and viola! fall gorgeous-ness. Warm sunlight spilled down on us as we strolled around chatting and taking photos. The Baloghs had not had family photos done since the girls were little, and reportedly resembled sears portrait studio photos (gasp!).  So it was time for something fresh, something new, to take them into 2011. My unconventional approach to family photos was a perfect fit for this bunch as we dreamed up a variety of fun photo ideas together that afternoon. And we laughed, and laughed, annnnd laughed. And there were no cheesy poses or slogans.  right girls??



























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