Pankratz family

M and I met Mark and Rae almost 2 years ago now, when friends of our invited us to visit their church on "Friend Day". We met lots of awesome new people that day and began to visit Livingway Church on a more regular basis. Now we have a blast every Friday night with the Youth Group as we help to organize and co-ordinate events! (I blogged about the youth HERE).  Mark and Rae were with us step-by-step as we prepped for our marriage, and continue to be a huge support for the two of us. Rae and I often talked about photographs as she has a keen interest on the subject and was long over due for some fun, new family photos. This ridiculously good looking family packs big time personality and big time FUN! I love this family! They are excited about life, passionate about their love for Jesus, highly energetic and after spending and afternoon with them...I dare you to keep up! PS. Check out Rae's awesome write-up about our photoshoot and the strength of family. Its called "Picture THIS" that ran in the Oliver paper a few weeks ago! HERE

Justin Bieber??