St. Andrews by the Lake Wedding, OK Falls - Amanda & Dave

Im so happy to post this blog today! So much anticipation from so many people I love it!  Plus this is the last wedding post of the 2010 season, and its going to be a gooder. Where to start with these two? What a relaxed, fun-loving pair. I met up with Amanda and Dave early in the spring to spend a little time getting to know then and to shoot their e-session. And if you missed it you can see it ....HERE!  They were so easy to photograph and really up for anything, which makes my job so much fun! The girls started there day with hair and make up, as girls usually do. (note Amandas make-up was done by her friend Nicole...she has an airbrush ladies!)There was a quiet excitement in the air as they prepped that morning at Innervisions a salon in Oliver. Amanda looking radiant left the salon wearing one of Dave's casual shirts, belted of course which I thought was so sweet. Later on we met them at the stunning St. Andrews by the lake golf course where they had rented rooms to get ready.  The mid-afternoon ceremony was held beside the lake, underneath impressive weeping willows. A gorgeous setting to say the least.  Amanda gave us loads of time to work with for photos so we were lucky to spend some time with them as the played with there little guy Jared. Capturing images of him chasing Amanda through the willows, cuddling with Daddy by the lake giggling and having so much fun blowing bubbles. Everyone jumped in the limo and off we went to enjoy the rest of the afternoon snapping some photos with the wedding party! Later that night we enjoyed a delicious dinner and laughed along with everyone as friends and family recapped the dating history of Amanda aka. Mom and Dave. Amanda's sister Stacie shared one of the most touching speeches Im pretty sure any of us have ever heard. The room was so still and she had every single person hanging on to every single word. And instead of having everyone raise a glass to toast as the speech came to a close, she had everyone hug a loved one at their table. Well done Stacie, you are an inspiration thank you so much for your words.  Shortly after the slideshow, the music turned up a notch and moved everyone to the dance floor and I mean everyone (well except for little Jared who passed out after the slide show in his play pen beside the head table). They danced, sang and celebrated Amanda and Dave well into the weeeee hours of the night.

Thank you Amanda and Dave, your friends and your family making us feel so welcome and including us in your celebration!  On to the photos : )





































































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