Living Way YOUTH


Meet the highly energetic YOUTH at Living Way Church in Oliver, BC! This is the church that M and I like to call "ours". Its comfortable, friendly and seems to teach us more and more about the Word all the time! Pastors Mark and Rae Pankratz bring so much positive encouragement to all of us as they speak about Jesus Christ and His teachings in a way that hits home, every time.  The praise and worship team is second to none, singing there hearts out to praise beats that stay in your head long after the Sunday service comes to a close! Also managed to sneak in a couple photos of the inhouse band Luminous Edge (who just released their first CD, yay!).  SO here are our youth at an impromptu session that we did at the last church service of summer, just before some of them head off to college and Uni this fall!! Enjoy you guys, see some of you soon and to the rest good luck this year!!




























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