Amanda and Dave Married....coming soon!

Amanda came running into the pharmacy this afternoon just to pop in and to say hi!  She was just beaming, relaxed and ever so happy. Her and Dave had just returned from their awesome honeymoon at Cathedral Lakes. (which is  ammmazing and we all need to go! according to Amanda). I know that after hearing her stories M and I will be looking into it for sure!  Up on the top of the world where they were staying they had no access to the internet...but they discovered an employee who had access!! whoooop whooop!  Amanda so eager to check in for a sneak peek managed to sweet talk the guy into letting them on to the computer!  What a girl. She made me laugh and she was just so excited to see the photos! She mentioned that they were so happy with their decision to let us take them where ever we like for photos. They gave us so much time and freedom with them on their wedding day and for that we thank you, we thank you. Couldn't have asked for a more relaxed, easy-going couple. You remind me why I love what I do! And because I love a happy bride so guessed it....SNEAK PEEK!

















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