E-session with Jamie Delaine and a blast from the past!

How crazy for me to be caught on the other side of the camera! Pretty much up until this point the only person snapping the odd photo of my was one of my best gals Becky Radtke from B2 photography, my original partner in crime from back in the day when we picked up our first film SLR's and would go out and shoot each other endlessly! We still get together and just go shooting each other for fun. when Im back in Manitoba. It takes a little more planning these days as grown-up life and distance keeps us apart. And truth is it makes me a littttle bit sad sometimes that we can't shoot together more cause it sure is alot of fun, and that we don't have that office with the purple chandelier in an old warehouse building in downtown Winnipeg...well we don't right now...but maybe one day! Who knows!! In anycase we have a rock solid friendship and we cheer each other on in all of our photography ventures sharing tips and tricks we learn along the way!

This is my girl B from this Spring (see her version of this just for fun shoot  HERE)





And a couple from back in the day.... 2000 ish??...film images...we've come along way ; )  These photos make us LAUGH! So feel free to join us!




SO what if getting my photo takent felt a little strange, it was only for like the first 5 minutes...truth. And its because Jamie is wonderful!  Not only is she a terrific photographer, she is funny AND cute to boot. She made us feel so comfortable and chatted with us like she had known M and I for along time, just like a good friend would. If you haven't heard about this girl click, click, click as fast as you can to www.jamiedelaine.com and take a look around!

Our photos were taken in Whiterock, BC over Easter weekend. We had attempted a shoot for Good Friday but when I woke up Friday morning it was drizzling outside...typical west coast weather I thought to myself. Once we got into Vancouver it was a full on monsoon with gail force winds. Enroute to Vancouver Island to spend a little time with family and friends we were unsure as to whether we would even make it onto the ferry. The radio announced that Horseshoe Bay had shut down so we took a gamble and drove as quickly as we could to the Tswaassen terminal. Signs said OPEN! PHEW made it. After one of my rockiest and wildest ferry rides to-date where people were wobbling back and forth across the isles on board, and even tossing their cookies. ew! Waves splashing over the lower decks...it was crazy but we finally made it! Had a great weekend visiting and then luckily for us coming home was much simpler and safer.  When we pulled into Whiterock  to meet up with Jamie the clouds at Crescent beach started to break up and it made for the most beautiful evening of the weekend!! Here are a few of my favorites from our session. And MORE can be found here !


















looong post! Im spent. Good night y'all!