the littlest cowgirl....Taye Ryan

Sweet baby Taye. 6 months.

I was looking forward to meeting this little girl for quiet sometime and she did not disappoint! Almost a year earlier  I got the call from Chalane announcing that her and Ryan were expecting.  Chalane and I both endured our Pharmacy degrees together and it was during this time that Ryan entered the scene. Every weekend she was off to the ranch, or a rodeo to watch Ryan team rope! Soon they were engaged and I snapped photos for them one cold winter day on the U of S campus while hobbling around on crutches. Graduation came and we went off on our seperate ways to start our careers and our "grown-up" lives! That fall they were married and a few years later here I am watching Chalane and she makes her little baby girl burst into fits of giggles.  She's already been in the horses' saddle with Dad, and loves a good country tune (esp when dad's the one singing) won't be long before mom and dad will be watching this little cowpoke kick up the dust at her first rodeo!




" moo-er"














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