Michelle and Mitch

when you get the opportunity to shoot a couple as  fabulous, unique and in love as this...you don't pass it up!

Michelle and Mitch know how to make the most out of summertime in the Okanagan. With a jammed packed schedule they managed to squeeze in a night with me.  Another memory for them to reflect on, as soon enough the summer will come to a close and Mitch will be off to bigger places, lacing up his skates and hitting the ice. I am lucky to have met Michelle and built an incredible friendship with her while Mitch was away in NYC last hockey season.  I heard many a story about this fella and couldn't wait for him to come home to actually meet him in person.  He is exactly as she describe and more. Massive personality to go along with his GINORMOUS stature.  Its such a beautiful thing to see a couple so much in love, who laugh with each other, sing little songs for each other, and can be themselves so naturally with each other. 

now on to the photos....




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